The wonderful thing about the Internet is that learning doesn’t have to end with just this website.  To the left are three categories that will take you to different areas of concern in you or your child’s education.  The educational resources link will take you to links for all manner of resources for research as well as sharpening of skills.  The scholarship resources link provides a great starting place for national, state, and local scholarship opportunities for those who are thinking about higher education.  The grades resources link will take you to PowerSchool, our always online attendance/gradebook.

The Affordable Colleges Online have just released updated guides to online colleges and financial aid in Colorado. We are trying to ensure that the juniors and seniors have the necessary resources available when making that important decision about their higher education.

You can take a look at the resources here:
- Guide to Online Colleges in Colorado
- Financial Aid for Online Colleges
- Cost of Online Colleges

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The combination of these guides could be very valuable to our students who are considering continuing their education in Colorado after high school.

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